# Quick Start

# 1. Add Rift

Head on over here (opens new window) and add Rift to your server. Make sure you have the Manage Server permission, Administrator permission, or are the server owner!

  • Head to your nation edit page in-game (opens new window) and scroll down to the Discord Username section, then put your username in. Make sure that you include your discriminator. I.e. Village#0001 not just Village.
  • Head on over to Discord and run the /link command. To use it, just type / into your chat bar, then finish typing link and make sure you select the command from Rift.
  • Then, in the nation argument put your nation ID, nation link, nation name, or leader name.
  • Rift will take a second, then link you! If it fails, then make sure you fix your username in-game and try again!

# 3. Try some commands

  • In Discord, try using the command /me, you should see your nation information appear!
  • Try using /help to see a list of commands you can use. Pick a few and try them out.
  • If you need additional help, fill in the command argument of the /help command to get more detailed help on that specific command.